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An Important Lesson From David And Saul In The Cave Of Of Adullam

It’s easy to honor our friends, to be kind to those who are nice to us… but when a family member or friend lashes out and tries to destroy us it suddenly becomes a very different story. This is where we find David in 1st Samuel. This is our David, the boy that fought the giant Goliath and won. The shepherd boy anointed a king. David, the harpist called to sooth Saul in his most tortured hours. The boy who became like a brother to Saul’s own son and given the hand of his daughter in marriage because of his amazing victory in battle.

A Lesson In Following God From Joshua In The Bible

The Israelites have been wandering in the desert for 40 years, Moses has died and now Joshua is leading the people. As we reach Joshua 2, Joshua is sending two spies to look over the land but especially Jericho. It’s not all that different from Moses’s entrance plan – except for one key detail, my bible says that he sent them secretly. He didn’t

Walking Wounded

So often we’re walking wounded, we’ve been through battle after battle, and we’ve faced so many storms. Everyone said we fail, that we’d fall but here we are walking wounded. Carrying the word that cut us deep, the actions of others that pierced our hearts. But we’re still walking, we tell ourselves that day after day, pushing away the pain because we don’t have time to deal with that.

I see you, Really seeing those around you, Keeping aware of those hurting around you. By Rosevine Cottage Girls

I See You…

  I See You Three simple words none of them exceeding three letters but they mean so much. I see you. No I don’t mean as in “Peek-a-boo-I-see-you” I mean “I see you“, I see your worth, your meaning, your tears, and struggles. I see you for you, and I care. I See You – …

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Looking Back, remembering the past, Reviewing the Past, by Rosevine Cottage Girls

Looking Back…

Looking Back   It’s funny, how when you are looking back from day to day it looks like nothing changes but looking back over a year you see that everything has. It’s this time; when you look back over the time you spent and wonder if it was worth it. Did I love enough? Did …

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