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Resin Wicker Swing From Plow & Hearth

Plow & Hearth Wicker Swing Review

Spring has come early here in Tennessee so we have spent the last few weeks getting the yard in shape, we’ve been mulching, planting and sprouting seeds like crazy but it is all worth it! The yard is looking amazing and will burst into full bloom any day now. In the meantime, we are pulling our furniture back out into the yard to create some cozy seating areas. This is one of my favorite projects, it’s so fun to make each section of the garden inviting and ready to entertain in.

Spring Farmhouse Living Room

Spring has been around for a while and we are edging toward summer feels with each passing day, so we wanted to put together a new look in our living room. Something with a nod toward summer while still keeping all the spring touches in place. For this look, we went with a really simple fireplace look and lots of flowers around the room. 

Farmhouse Spring Mantel

Spring is in the air around here, the Bradford pear trees in the neighborhood are about to burst into full bloom. The tulips we planted last year are poking through the soil to show off their dazzling colors. With all the stunning blooms outside we wanted to create a gorgeous farmhouse spring mantel that brought those same textures and colors into our living room.

Spring Farmhouse Porch

My favorite thing about spring? The flowers! I love incorporating live plants in our decor, it’s a unique challenge of layering colors textures, nature and faux to make something beautiful. We had a great time redecorating our porch for spring, and got to put all the plants we’ve been picking up on clearance at Kroger to good use!

Greenhouse Inspired Spring Tablescape

The daffodils and hyacinths have bloomed, the tulips we planted last year are beginning to poke their heads above the ground, and the peach tree at the end of the yard is in full bloom which means we have spring on our minds! So we put together this spring tablescape, we wanted it to feel like a cozy greenhouse with lots of layers and textures. 

Gorgeous Spring Farmhouse Decor

Despite the fact that cold weather returns to our state tomorrow, the tulips are poking above the soil, and the daffodils are almost ready to bloom which means I am dreaming of spring sticking around. So I thought I would put together a roundup of my favorite pieces from Antique Farmhouse to bring that touch of spring into your home decor! 

farmhouse kitchen makeover

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Our farmhouse style kitchen remodel had its ups and downs, that’s kind of normal for projects at our house. We are more surprised when a project turns out to be easy and goes to plan. More often than not this isn’t the case and this project was no exception. What should have taken a few weeks turned into a 6-month ordeal so we forgot to show you how our kitchen remodel turned out.

photo of young woman setting a dining table decorated with brown and white plates, wooden chargers, a beige table runner with a wooden bread dough bowl filled with pretty red and yellow apples on a black table | simple apple tablescape | simple fall decorating | by

Simple Apple Tablescape

I love the challenge of decorating with natural decor, so when we had boxes of apples sitting around waiting to be canned I just had to decorate with them doing a simple apple tablescape! What better picture of fall than the apple orchard heavy with fruit. Greens, reds, and golden yellows are the fall colors of our orchard and the baskets and boxes of sweet fruit are a testimony of the harvest blessings we have received.

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