Hope In The Storm

Keep The Faith When It Looks Like All Hope Is Lost

In the darkness of Good Friday, it’s easy to ask why God has abandoned us -in the wake of broken dreams nailed to a tree, in the face of tragedy that struck out of nowhere in the breathtaking triumph of evil that leaves us speechless- as a hammer prepares to strike a nail that will pierce the Savior. The story of the birth of Christ that we just celebrated a few months back comes to a crushing, agonizing stop.

Woman praying in a hallway | Hearing God's Voice In The Chaos

Hearing God’s Voice In The Chaos

Hearing God’s voice when we are in the midst of the storm is so important, tucking back into God and listening for His voice is vital. While the storm is raging around us and we can’t see the way out. As Christians every step we take needs to be led by God, we need to be so in tune with Him that it’s like a dance. To do that we need to be able to hear God’s Voice.

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