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Woman reading the Bible | How Rahab In The Bible Can Impact Us

How Rahab In The Bible Can Impact Us Today

I think for the most part when we come to Joshua 2 we tend to skip over Rahab’s profession or avoid Rahab entirely. We try to whitewash it a bit, maybe read over that bit of scripture a little faster, the wording can make us feel uncomfortable so we try to soften it.

How The Battle Of Jericho Can Help You Trust God

Have you ever noticed that when God tells us to do something or calls us to a place it doesn’t always make sense? The bible is filled with these moments, from God telling Moses to strike a rock for water to holding his staff over his head so the Israelites can claim the victory, or even when Jesus tells Peter to throw his nets into the water in the heat of the day. Often times the things we are called to, the places He leads us to look ridiculous to others and even ourselves.

photo of smooth river rocks | Giving it to God have you laid the foundation

Give It To God: Laying The Cornerstone For The New Year

As we approach the coming year, some of us excited, some road weary, some of us hurting- hoping that the coming year will be easier. Some of us perhaps a little apprehensive, some us ready to dig in, go further, meet those goals. We stand in a place no one has walked before, ready to journey into uncharted places. None of us know what the future holds, what joys, what heartaches, none but Him that is.

what names are you claiming

What Names Are You Claiming?

Names, we all have them. Some we are born to, other’s we create, others are given to us, and still others we claim. Some of them identify us, some of them signify our relationship to others, and some have the power to bring us to our knees and crumble everything we’ve worked so hard to build.

Letting go of our priorities

Letting Go Of Our Priorities

Have you ever noticed in the Bible God’s priorities aren’t always what we think is most important?A good example would be Mark 5:21-34, Jesus is on His way to Jairus’s house to heal his daughter. He was a synagog leader, he was an important member of society, he came to Jesus begging for Him to come to his house and heal his little girl.

following god into deep water

Following God Into Deep Water

In too deep. My feet no longer touch the bottom. At the mercy of the water- and yet He beckons me on. Further and further from shore. Away from everything I’ve known and into the uncharted places. Following God into the scary unknown, where the only thing I have to hang onto Is Him.

finding hope when you want to give up

Finding Hope When You Want To Give Up

A thousand problems on your shoulders, a million things needing your attention as you are pulled in a hundred different directions.  Until you find yourself at the end of yourself… no way ahead, just a never-ending inky black chasm. Too late to go back. Nothing left to give. Your knees fall to the dusty road as exhausted tears slip from your eyes.

When The World Tells You To Get A Life

Do you ever wonder if you’re enough? If the choices you’ve made, the race you’ve tried to run were good enough.  Recently someone told me I needed to get a life. The conversation up to that point had been about her life, I listened quietly as she talked about a cruise she’d been on, working as a nanny, school and so on. When she came to the end of everything she’d been up to since the last time she was in town she suddenly stated she wanted to hear all about our lives.

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