Kitchen Remodel

Farmhouse kitchen remodel

farmhouse kitchen makeover

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Our farmhouse style kitchen remodel had its ups and downs, that’s kind of normal for projects at our house. We are more surprised when a project turns out to be easy and goes to plan. More often than not this isn’t the case and this project was no exception. What should have taken a few weeks turned into a 6-month ordeal so we forgot to show you how our kitchen remodel turned out.

Kitchen Remodel – Oh The Wonderful World Of Countertops

This week it’s all about counter tops! The mind numbing, detail-filled, contradictory world of quartz, laminate, butcher’s block, porcelain, granite, marble we’ve looked at them all until our eyes were bleeding. Please no more! So for your sanity and ours, after all, we have to do something with our self-taught knowledge of the counter top …

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