Women Of The Bible

Delve into the stories of the women in the Bible, to learn from them and discover the truths and hope their stories hold for our everyday lives.

The Story Of Naomi From The Bible

Empty is a journey, a walk, a season that proves everything that we’ve learned in the storm. Empty is a lonely, broken place. You’ve walked through a dry season for so long… you followed eager to be a part of what God was doing- but now you find your self used up, poured out, tired of fighting.

An Important Lesson From Mary And Martha In The Bible

It is so hard to have a Mary heart in a Martha World. Every day is one step forward and ten steps back. An inch forward and a mile back. Dishes piled high in the sink like mini skyscrapers, Cheerios scattered under the table like little minefields, Hot Wheels, and dolls interspersed with Lego’s forming an obstacle course on the carpet that you swore you just vacuumed.

Important Lessons From Jairus’s Daughter In The Bible

We see a period. The end, no alternatives. No second chances, no do-over. No stops, no restarts, no going back. The little girl in Mark 5 is dead. No question mark, it was final. The last breath had been exhaled. Those that knew her were in mourning. To all, her story had ended- they didn’t know she’d forever live in the pages of our bibles, or that her story would impact people centuries later. All they knew is that this young girl was gone. Nothing they did could bring her back.

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What We Can Learn From Naomi In The Bible When We Feel Empty

Have you ever left full, only to return empty? Maybe you followed God’s call, you journey out with Him excited and ready to do what He has put in your heart. Maybe God called you into ministry or missions, or maybe He called you into the unknown in your very own home. Perhaps God called you away from something, some people, some situations, a job. And now, now you find yourself exhausted, spent, used up, empty.

Woman reading the Bible | How Rahab In The Bible Can Impact Us

How Rahab In The Bible Can Impact Us Today

I think for the most part when we come to Joshua 2 we tend to skip over Rahab’s profession or avoid Rahab entirely. We try to whitewash it a bit, maybe read over that bit of scripture a little faster, the wording can make us feel uncomfortable so we try to soften it.

Keep The Faith When It Looks Like All Hope Is Lost

In the darkness of Good Friday, it’s easy to ask why God has abandoned us -in the wake of broken dreams nailed to a tree, in the face of tragedy that struck out of nowhere in the breathtaking triumph of evil that leaves us speechless- as a hammer prepares to strike a nail that will pierce the Savior. The story of the birth of Christ that we just celebrated a few months back comes to a crushing, agonizing stop.

Letting go of our priorities

Letting Go Of Our Priorities

Have you ever noticed in the Bible God’s priorities aren’t always what we think is most important?A good example would be Mark 5:21-34, Jesus is on His way to Jairus’s house to heal his daughter. He was a synagog leader, he was an important member of society, he came to Jesus begging for Him to come to his house and heal his little girl.

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