Beauty and the beast, a tale as old as time by rosevine cottage girls

Beauty And The Beast – Tale As Old As Time

Pull out the dusty book, the one of your beloved childhood. Open it’s pages. Relive the story. It’s Beauty and the Beast.


A tale as old as time…


Beauty And The Beast – A Childhood Treasure

Those lyrics are timeless, bringing back golden memories. For me they will always remind me of my grandmother, the voice of Mrs. Pots and my grandmothers will forever be superimposed in my mind.

A Look At Beauty And The Beast Through The Lens Of Scripture

A few months ago one of my Facebook friends was talking about how excited she was for Beauty and the Beast to come out. We share a mutual love of fairy tales, and as I was reading through the comments on the Facebook post she mentioned how she loved the Beast, that he reminded her of our lives before the love of Christ makes everything new. How beautiful an illustration is that? And how true.

Beauty and the Beast - A tale as old as time by rosevine cottage girls. A Beauty and the Beast bible study

Without Belle in his life, pouring in unconditional, selfless love he would forever remain the beast that terrified the village and was the thing of every child’s nightmare. Without Christ’s selfless unconditional love – sweeping away the pain and bitterness, chipping away the rough places- we too would remain imprisoned in dark fortresses of our own making.

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Beauty and the beast, Tale as old as time by rosevine cottage girls

The Beauty Surrender Has Upon The Beast

But when we open our hearts – surrendering our towers of pride to be torn down, and ‘keeps’ of bitterness to be washed clean, throwing wide the gates of our heart that it may be swept clean, to become a new creation. The dark languishing places, now filled with light and hope and Him.- and let in His love to make us new we are revealed as the creation we were always meant to be.

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We must step into the shoes the storyteller has created, and embrace the story He is weaving or we will never realize the fullness of our story, or our “tale” It’ll never be as amazing as it could have been, so open your heart. Ask Him in. Throw wide the gates, let Him come like a cleansing rain and make you new.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV


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