Tennessee Central Railway Fall Excursion

The day started early for us as we started our Saturday adventure.  The sun was not yet up.  Our first frost had covered everything with sparkling jewels and the fog curled around the ground and over the lake.  We had an amazing opportunity to go on the Fall Excursion Train ride that the Tennessee Central Railway hosted, aboard a vintage train. We had so much fun! Everyone was so nice. After awhile you kind of get use to the sway and move with the train- when you’re walking its a bit more tricky. The easiest way is to walk with one- or both hands on the chairs on either side of you. That way you don’t end up in someone’s lap, or on the floor.  Mr. Cottage says it reminded him of being at sea- you would have thought he was a little boy by the look on his face. He also found great joy in getting his head in other people’s photos that were further down on the train.

The way back was quite a bit bumpier, but by then I had found my ‘sea’ legs. Mr. Cottage and I rode part of  the way in between cars by the emergency exit. The scenery was gorgeous! This is a great way to see Tennessee- even if you live here! You can find them on Facebook here

Me checking out the scenery on the train. We were able to have seats facing one another on the train. A great thing for a family.









A view of the Caney Fork River from the train.

Mr. Cottage and Brianna exploring.

The train slowly winding through the countryside. So pretty.

Another look at the Caney Fork River.

Fields of Corn growing along our route.

Ice cream anyone? Well, why not head over to the Cream City Ice Cream Shop? It is a great place to stop.

We stopped here for an iced coffee when we were in town. The people were so nice and helped us try to find a place for lunch.

Here is their Facebook page.

Great people behind the name.  Thanks for everything guys!

Beautiful clothing shops dot the downtown landscape.

Here is the train station in Cookeville Tennessee. There was live music there to the left.

One of the eateries there in Cookeville.  It was bursting at the seams with folks from the train enjoying their lunches.  The people at the ice cream shop said they had great food. Here is their Facebook Page.

Love this mural on the side of the one of  the buildings in Cookeville.

This car was owned by Jackie Gleason who starred in the Honeymooners and as Sheriff Buford T. Justice in the movie Smokey And The Bandit.

The trip gave a great glimpse of the backroads…

The country…

The woods








and towns that make up middle and east Tennessee

It is a long trip, but the sights are so beautiful.



Going back through Lebanon on  the way to Nashville.

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