Thanksgiving at The Cottage

Welcome to our home, this Thanksgiving we are sharing it with some of our dear friends. So come on in and make yourself at home!
We start out with a pretty autumn wreath on the door to give company that come to call their first look of fall. 
Check out these fall wreaths for your front door.
 The day before Thanksgiving we were super busy prepping food and doing last-minute decorating. But all the hard work paid off…
 Well the pies are cooling and let me take the time to show you around.
On the side table, We used all-white platters, bowls, and plates. 
To Get this look you will need:
A sideboard decorated for the Thanksgiving meal. An orange pumpkin sits on an upside down wooden green basket. There are white ceramic trays on the table waiting for food.  A clear vase holds sunflowers of yellow and brown and mums of orange.  There is a white gravy boat and saucer.  A brown basket waits for dinner rolls.  A ceramic bowl in the shape of a squash sits empty waiting for food. An antique frame sits on the back of the table behind the pie display rack. article is Thanksgiving decor by


We bought this sign at Hobby Lobby, the antique frame is from an estate sale, the pumpkin is from Old Time Pottery. The flowers Mr. Cottage bought for Mrs. Cottage at Sam’s Club.


Photo of a dining table with a white table cloth on it. There are white plates with gold stars around the outer rim sitting on the table in six place settings.  Crystal water goblets sit near the plates.  In the center is a ceramic cream colored pumpkin and surrounded by a garland of autumn leaves. Mismatched chairs surround the table.


We used white or white with gold stars (Mrs.Cottage got for a wedding gift) around the edges plates interchangeably around the table, crystal water goblets are by Gibson, and gold cutlery purchased at Target. (The table is set for seven)
What you will need for this look:



The Centerpiece is a white pumpkin with a leaf garland wrapped around it.


Another view of the table. The gold star plates were purchased at Crate and Barrel.



View from the hall into the Dining room. The small trees are from Hobby Lobby.



View from the Dining room into the hall and entryway. The garland up the stair rails is grapevines from our vineyard and twinkling lights.



Place settings are bone china plates and gold star plates.





Buffet has an orange pumpkin on top of a green basket from Hobby Lobby, The Decorations hanging from the ceiling are mercury glass.


Pie station. The basket is from Michaels and the tiered pie server is from Hobby Lobby.


I took the fabric that come wrapped around flowers and a silk flower, pinned the flower to the fabric with straight pins, and used a fishing line around it making a figure 8. Then I tied the fishing line to the frame.


In our home let love abide and bless all those who step inside.
Decorations on the side table. I used an orange pumpkin and a basket.


Grandma Cottage’s Village. This is one of my favorites (another of my favorites is up in the dormer windows).


The living room is warm and cozy.  Orange lights and leaf and pumpkin garland decorate the mantle.




Grandma Cottage in the Dinning room waiting for the gravy to get done (we always forget it until the last second). The menu for dinner included turkey, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, butternut squash casserole, stuffing, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cheesecake and coconut cream pie.



Honey Ham & Pastured Turkey.



Homemade Pumpkin pie


Green beans.
Apple pie made in my great grandmother’s pie pan.  It is a tradition to use it every year and it makes Dad feel good too.
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