The Best Garden Subscription Boxes For The Back Yard Gardener

Garden subscription boxes make wonderful gifts, for yourself or for a friend. Why you ask? Because who doesn’t like getting a surprise gift every month! Subscription boxes are kind of like gifts that keep on giving because the recipient will get a new one each month filled with some amazing garden-related goodies

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What Are Garden Subscription Boxes

Garden subscription boxes are a monthly subscription service that you can subscribe to receive monthly boxes filled with anything from seeds to garden related products. Each box is unique and different, some will have herbs, some house plants, and others focus on heirloom vegetable seeds. You’ll find the perfect one for the gardeners in your life.

The Best Garden Subscription Boxes

Garden Outside The Box Photo 1

Garden Outside The Boxes

The Garden Outside The Box Garden Subscription Box: In this garden subscription box you will receive each month a different themed herb collection Containing 6 different Organic, Non-GMO, Untreated, High-Quality seed varieties Plus – Detailed growing information, tips, & more for growing indoors or out.


Seed Bank Box Photo 1

Seed Bank Box

The Seed Bank Garden Subscription Box: amazing boxes of organic, non-GMO, and sometimes rare seeds for you to plant in your vegetable garden every month.


My Garden Box Photo 2

My Garden Boxes

The My Garden Box garden subscription box: Each month you will receive a unique plant themed subscription box. Containing everything you need to build relaxing, rewarding, and enriching garden projects, including live plants (a variety of indoor and outdoor plants). With visually illustrated instructions, simple garden care tips, and properly portioned ingredients, assembly is fun & easy!


My Garden House Box Photo 2

My Garden House Box

The My Garden House garden subscription box: A subscription box for someone looking to start an indoor organic garden, made for inexperienced and experienced gardeners. Everyone has a green thumb with My Garden House Box seed starter kit! Every month you’ll receive a carefully curated micro-green kit and 4 mystery non-GMO seeds ranging from herbs, peppers, succulents, and bonsai tree seeds.


Permaculture Gardens Photo 1

Permaculture Gardens Boxes

Permaculture Gardens garden subscription box: Take the guesswork out of what to plant when! We will only send you seeds that grow well in your climate & when possible, use varieties native to your locale. 


Urban Organic Gardener Photo 3

Urban Organic Gardener Box

Urban Organic Gardener Subscription Box: Each month, members receive a collection of high-quality seeds (heirloom/OP/non-hybridized/GMO-FREE) & gardening supplies. Customized based on YOUR garden characteristics, preferences, location, and more. 

$5/mo & up

Bloomin' Bin Photo 10

Bloomin’ Bin Boxes

Bloomin’ Bin garden subscription box: a monthly subscription box for gardening experts and novices. Every month, you will get in-season seeds to plant and all you need to do is add soil, sun, and water. It’s that simple! At checkout, you can pick to receive seeds for flowers, fruits/vegetables, or both. We have four plans to choose from to fit your needs.


Easy Come Easy Grow Photo 2

Easy Come Easy Grow Box

 Easy Come Easy Grow garden subscription box: receive 3 different in season herb or vegetable seeds to grow each month. Whether you have a backyard or a windowsill anybody can grow their food.

$9.17 AUD/mo

Seedle Photo 2

Seedle Subscription Boxes

Seedle Garden Subscription Boxes: a monthly subscription service that provides you with high-quality traditional open-pollinated varieties of vegetable seed. Organically or biodynamically grown, information about how and what you are planting and support that will have you nurturing your own vegetable patch in no time.

8.00 AUD/mo

A Gardening We Grow Photo 1

A Gardening We Grow Boxes

A Gardening We Grow Garden Subscription Boxes: Kids microgreens monthly subscription includes: – Over 100 Non-GMO green Seeds – Compostable Garden Box – Organic Soil – Activity Sheet – Growing Guide This quick-growing, eco-friendly Kit for Kids allows the opportunity for children to easily grow and harvest their own nutritious microgreens within one week!


The Seed Box Photo 1

The Seed Box

The Seed Box garden subscription boxes: 2 types of seeds every month for you to grow in your home garden. The box includes 2 packets of seeds, cow pots, and soil to get you started right away.


Garden Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts Anytime

I seriously want to order all of these for myself and my gardener friends! To be honest, there is so much included in these monthly subscription boxes that I would most likely not use everything included each month. But that’s ok because the great thing about garden subscription boxes is that you can use the items over and over again.

In addition to these garden subscription boxes, you’ll also find a huge selection of monthly subscription boxes for just about any occasion and for any age on Cratejoy.

Have you bought any of these garden subscription boxes? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! Which one is your favorite?

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