Visiting the Nashville Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Tennessee Zoo in Nashville, Nashville Zoo at Grassmere Travel Tennessee by Rosevine Cottage Girls

The Nashville Zoo

Every year it’s a special treat to head to the Nashville zoo for their Military Appreciation Day, we always have a terrific time! This year it was a bit chilly, but it didn’t keep us away! It was wonderful to spend some time together and just enjoy each others company as we do something fun. 
The Zoo at Grassmere has changed a ton since the last time we were there, they’ve rearranged, added new animals and made it such an amazing place to visit. 
Visiting the Nashville Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Tennessee Zoo in Nashville, Nashville Zoo at Grassmere Travel Tennessee by Rosevine Cottage Girls

Visiting The Nashville Zoo

If you are near Nashville you have to visit the Nashville zoo! It is truly an amazing place, with everything from adorable souvenir shops, cafes- can anyone say FUNNEL CAKE?-, rides, an amazing play area for the kiddos with “crocs” to wrestle and all kinds of things to swing on and climb and of course tons of amazing animals to see and learn about!
The Nashville Zoo has done a wonderful job creating an environment to learn about the amazing animals that we share this planet with while making it fun and hands-on learning experience. Just walking through the gates is truly amazing! Waterfalls, rivers, and beautiful landscaping make it such a relaxing, seriously I never wanted to leave. 
Visiting the Nashville Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Tennessee Zoo in Nashville, Nashville Zoo at Grassmere Travel Tennessee by Rosevine Cottage Girls
These giraffe are in from Africa living on the dry savanna.
Visiting the Nashville Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Tennessee Zoo in Nashville, Nashville Zoo at Grassmere Travel Tennessee by Rosevine Cottage Girls

These giants can get from 15 – 19 feet tall and weigh in at up to 2800 pounds!

White Rhinoceros by Rosevine Cottage Girls
Southern White Rhinoceros is another 

Our Trip To The Zoo At Grassmere


We look forward to our yearly trip to the Nashville Zoo every year, we LOVE to spend the day learning about their animals and photographing these amazing creatures. It’s such a pleasure to visit! The grounds are always clean, the service great, and the food- ok let’s be real I’m talking about the funnel cake here. 


While at the zoo we always stroll through the beautiful Grassmere, which is the oldest residence in Davidson County. It’s such a beautiful farm, rich in history, gorgeous gardens, and amazing architecture. 

Visiting the Nashville Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Tennessee Zoo in Nashville, Nashville Zoo at Grassmere Travel Tennessee by Rosevine Cottage Girls

The Southern White Rhinoceros is another amazing creature you will find at the zoo.  These amazing creatures get up to 1000 pounds and can run up to 31 miles per hour! No outrunning this beast on the grasslands.

The Rhino is an herbivore 

Flamingo (c) Rosevine Cottage Girls
The Caribbean Flamingo is another creature that you will find at Grassmere. They are such beautiful birds. They eat vegitation, algae, worms, insects, mollusks and crustaceans. 

Nashville Zoo Animals

The zoo animals come from all over the world, from Africa to South America and even Australia. Some of my favorites are clouded leopards, red panda, giraffes,  zebras, and kangaroos. Where else can you see these animals so close to home? I also love watching the koi in the pond near the clouded leopards! I wish I could create it in our yard! It’s amazing and so relaxing to watch!

Carribean Flamingo (C) Rosevine Cottage Girls

I love these beautiful big birds.

Southern Crested Screamer at the Nashville Zoo (c) Rosevine Cottage Girls

A Southern Crested Screamer is another bird you will meet. They get up to 11 pounds full grown and are from the southern part of South America.

Cape Porcupine (C) Rosevine Cottage Girls

Next we have a Cape Porcupine. These guys live for 20 years and get up to 66 pounds!

(C) Rosevine Cottage Girls
Brianna and Cheyenne were adventurous and took the rope bridge. We took to the land to get across. 

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere Review

We’ve never had a bad experience with the Nashville zoo, it’s a great family-friendly place that will teach your kids to love and respect the animals around us. The grounds are always in great condition, the food tasty and the staff helpful. 



These gorgeous Cougar are found in North and South America. 

Cougar (C) Rosevine Cottage Girls

They get up to 140 pounds and 5 feet long. 

Cougar at Nashville Zoo (C) Rosevine Cottage Girls


This Red Ruffed Lemur is a pretty fellow. They are from the rain forests of Madagascar. As adults they get up to 8 1/2 pounds and are on the endangered species list.

This is just one of the water features there at the zoo. 

Trickling water filled with giant Koi for you to watch swimming by. Koi are not large goldfish but more closely related to the Carp.  Developed over 200 years ago in Japan.

Koi get to be three feet or longer and are omnivores. 

They like other fish and are normally very calm fish.

I love those fins!

This is one of my favorite creatures at the zoo. It is a red panda.

They make their home in the Himalayan mountains in South East Asia.  These precious creatures get about 13 – 14 pounds full grown. They mostly live in trees and use their fluffy tails to keep their balance.  They are predominantly herbivores.

Aren’t they adorable?

This big guy is an Andean Bear. Andean Bears are found in Venezuela and Bolivia. 

They get up to 5 feet tall on their hind legs and weigh in at 340 pounds.

We just sat and watched this guy take care of the bear necessities. 



This cute little guy is a Southern Pudu.

Full grown they are only 30 pounds and about 19 inches tall. They are from Chilean and Argentinean rain forests. 


Next we have the beautiful Zebra of eastern and southern African savanna.  They live up to 20 years eating grasses and leaves and twigs and are a beautiful part of the zoo family. 

Say hello to this Bontebok! It is in Tennessee from the grasslands of beautiful South Africa. They get up to 5 feet tall and weigh in at 175 pounds. They reached near extinction in the wild but thanks to conservation efforts and wild game farms their numbers are much better. 

Have a walk through the red kangaroo exhibit and you may end up with a new friend.

These big guys are from Australia. When grown they weigh up to 200 pounds and the females use their pouches to carry their babies called Joeys.  


Look at that face!


This one had its eye on me. 


Canadian Geese swim peacefully on the beautiful ponds on the property. Look at this beautiful family. 

They have so many animals to see. Like this Hyacinth Macaw from the grasslands and forests of Brazil.

They live anywhere from 30 to 50 years old. These beautiful birds are on the endangered species list therefore it is a treat to be able to see them. 

The zoo has amazing water features and natural wooded areas and is so beautiful. It is so nice to just have a stroll. You feel like you are in a far off land. 

Check out these cute Meerkat. They are curious little creatures. 

They love to check out what all of the people are doing as they stop to visit. Little children love to visit them. 

There is a plastic dome where the kids can go and pop their heads up in the enclosure and watch the prairie dogs at play.

They are sure busy little fellas.
Have you ever been to the Nashville Zoo? What was your favorite animal?


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