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Spiral Bible: Journaling Study Bible

Are you a note-taker? Love studying the Bible? The Spiral Bible may just be the perfect option for you! Thousands of Bible-believing Christians are enjoying studying their Bible in a new way.

Whether you are someone who loves Bible journaling and being artistic in your Bible, or digging deep and taking notes the Spiral Bible opens up a whole new world for you.

The Spiral Bible

Is there a spiral Bible? There is indeed a spiral-bound Bible! These genius Bibles act like a notebook laying flat so you can highlight, study, draw, and take notes easily (removing those hard-to-scribble-on angles). These Bibles are one of a kind!

The Spiral Bible Features

Each Spiral Bible includes:

  • 8.5 x 11in pages (counting the coil, it’s about 9x11in)
  • Wide margins
  • Large Print
  • Thick coil (sturdy binding)
  • Space for note-taking
  • Thick white paper
  • Lays flat
  • Decorative cover
  • Chipboard back cover
  • Available in KJV and ASV

Spiral Bible For Adults

The Spiral Bible has several great options for adults, the one I have is the New Testament but they are several others available to choose from.

You can find the Old Testament as well: The Book Of Law (Genesis-Deuteronomy), The Book Of History (Joshua-Ester), The Book Of Poetry (Job-Song Of Solomon), The Prophets (Isaiah-Malachi). They also have a New Testament for Men, and The Gospels in large print.

Spiral Bible For Kids

Don’t forget the kids! They have a spiral-bound Bible for kids options too. These are wonderful beginner Bibles for kids to begin studying the word of God.

Each Bible notebook is sturdy and gives their young readers the option to take notes, draw and color the beautiful illustrations as they make their way through the book of Genesis and Exodus in an easy-to-read and understand translation.

These Bibles for kids would make a great gift for Christmas or slip them into an Easter basket.

Ways to Get Creative with the Spiral Bible

What I love about this Bible is the possibilities are endless! I don’t draw/color in mine as much as I take notes. The large margins and space for note-taking are truly wonderful. I like that I can do word studies and take notes on what stood out to me in a given verse right there on the page.

These Bibles would make wonderful family heirlooms to be able to pass down to your children when they are older so they can see all of your favorite verses and why they are your favorite.

The Spiral Bible is perfect for Bible studies (especially if you don’t have a notebook handy) because you can scribble and doodle on the actual pages.

What Art Mediums Can you Use with the Spiral Bible?

You can use most mediums that you would on a regular Bible on your Spiral Bible, this includes:

If you plan to use watercolors or other wet mediums I would suggest trying it on the corner or the back of your Bible before going all out so you can see how the pages react.

Creative Bible Journaling Accessories:

Some fun accessories you could include in your Spiral Bible are:


Spiral Bible Review

We were so excited to have the opportunity to try out the Spiral Bible for the first time, before this we were unfamiliar with this incredible Bible. I have to same I absolutely love mine!

I adore the extra large margins and note-taking space. I am a prolific note-taker and this Bible makes me so happy.

It’s large but can still fit in a tote bag to haul all my stuff to Bible studies or church. Plus it’s nice and durable so I don’t have to worry about the pages being creased or bent accidentally.

I love that they included extra space for notes at the beginning of many of the books of the New Testament.

The pages are nice and thick so pens don’t bleed thew them, making highlighting so much easier.

I love that it is unique and different and really makes you want to dig in and study your Bible. I love to do word studies directly in my Bible in the note-taking sections.

I do wish they had more translations available (such as NIV, New King James, or New American Standard), and the whole Bible together but all in all I really love my Spiral Bible and it serves its purpose- to get you into the Word of God, and spending time with your Savior.

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