The Wilson County Fair 2015

The place where cotton candy, funnel cakes, lights, games, shooting galleries, face painting, competitions and rides that make you question your sanity meet. Welcome to the Wilson County Fair, the biggest in our state. For two weeks every summer people flock to get the fill of fair food,  music, exhibits and rides. Heat nor mud stop this show from going on.

We decided to go on the last day of the fair, a nice smoldering day. After buying our tickets we stopped by the livestock barn to see our dear friend and a few of her goats from  Butterfly-Morn Farm.

Then it was off to get our hands stamped so we could defy gravity and “ride the wind”- or make ourselves sick, which ever comes first.

We started with the Farris Wheel, then moved onto the Gliders- then a quick stop to the mule pulling competition- umm. They didn’t much like being hooked up to the thing they were supposed to pull.

Then we stopped by the sheep competitions for a bit before going on to the cattle competition. After checking it out we headed back off to find something else we could do- we chose the “Vertigo” ie. the massive swing.

Brianna and I rode together and dad rode with another little boy. One of my shoes happened to be loose and I was a little worried I was going to lose it and it was going to fall off and smack someone in the head. Right until I looked up and noticed that my sister had her eyes shut (on the swing! LOL!)

This is the target from the shooting gallery. Who knew we had an Anny Oakley in the family. Pretty good for her first time!

After we got off and stopped laughing at my sister we decided to get something to eat. Then the shooting gallery, ice cream truck, and back to the “big kid” rides. We chose this monstrosity- the funniest part Brianna LOVED this one- yes the same one who had her eyes closed on the swing.

We had a great time- but by the end of the night we were so tired and our feet were killing us.

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