To My Hero

To my hero. Thank you for every second Thank you for always putting us first. For serving your country, and instilling in me my love for my country.

 For leading by example. For being excited with me when I succeeded and holding my hand when I failed. For allowing me to fail.

For praying for me.

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 For treating my friends like members of the family. you spent with me. For teaching me to fish, For giving me your love of travel (thankful I grew out of are we there yet),

 For playing basketball, soccer, hide and seek, badminton, croquet and so many other games with me. For flipping my socks inside out when I couldn’t stand the feel of the seam

 For letting us swim with dolphins. For bandaging skinned elbows and knees. For carrying me to bed when I fell asleep in yours. Thank you for asking me in that slightly annoying way of yours if I wanted to go to the E.R. after I get hurt (even if I always say NO!). 

You have taught me so much over the years “Charming”. Thanks for every laugh, every shoulder cried on, every hug, every butterfly kiss, and allowing me to fly to the moon on your shoulders. For encouraging me to chase my dreams where ever they lead but more importantly thank you for teaching me to love Him with all my heart.

 I love you so much. 

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