Today On Your Birthday Grandma We Remember You

 The house is still…  a piano plays softly on the radio.

Ice and snow cover the ground outside. 
Lunch is finished and the dishes sit in the dish strainer. 
It’s just another day… 
Its just another day, but its not just another day. It’s your birthday! 
How do you wish someone a “Happy Birthday” in a place where there is no sadness? Memories slip through my mind… you are in them all. 
Decorating the tree, birthdays, Easter, 4th Of July, Ballet class, Thanksgiving, Choir performances, Church, New Years, Sledding, BBQ’s, horse competition two summers ago, Bonfires with friends as you watched over us, swimming in the pool as you sat on the porch to make sure we were ok, gardening, holding baby animals that I brought home, chickens, turkeys, quail, rabbits, a puppy, a cat. Making cookies with you. car rides and musicals. So many good times… and you are there in every one.
Happy Birthday Grandma Cottage.

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