Traveling Alone – My 3rd Week In Germany

Guten Morgen, 

Well, here I am, finishing up my 3rd week here in Germany. 

I thought that I would talk about my time in Germany generally.  I have enjoyed my stay here and the people that we are working with have all been so kind and seem excited to work with us and to show us how everything works. The mentors are going to be leaving Germany and coming to America for six months and they are so excited to experience the United States and wondering what it is like here.  

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These first three weeks have been so interesting and culture has been so rich with history. Most of my time has been in training but I have tried to make hay while the sun shines as they say in the southern U.S. and make a good use of my time and learn about this amazing place while the opportunity is here. I have made a couple of friends that I have been traveling with locally and that has been nice – but it is interesting how you miss what you had when you no longer have it. The things you don’t realize that you may have taken for granted when it is there day in and day out. As beautiful as everything is, this trip is starting to get harder. The longer that I am away, the more alone that I feel.  I have come to realize that I truly don’t like being this far away from my wife and daughters.  That couples and families were not meant to be apart. 

3 Weeks In Germany

My wife and I rarely do things alone.  It is not because we have to do them together but because we love doing them together.  Even if it is just walking down the street I love having her by my side.  I love talking about what we see or what we want or need to do that day or that week or weekend. I love making plans with her, the feel of her hand in mine as we walk down the street and just knowing that she is there. That is one of the biggest things that I miss. 

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It is amazing to walk these ancient cobblestone streets filled with people and feel alone. To wish you were holding the hand of the one that you love but your hand is empty.  To see these amazing sites and have no one to share them with, and to realize how much she and your daughters would love to experience what you are seeing. 

We have been Facebook chatting and making video calls and that helps, trust me.  But there is just something about being there in the flesh. The food has been good, and I have met new people and never usually eat alone, and yet, there is something about gathering around the dinner table with your family.  The camaraderie of the intimate conversation around the table. Yes, I sit at a table for 3 meals and we talk about many things, but there is something about the personal exchange of a family at mealtime. 

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So, my first three weeks have been interesting and I have learned a lot both about my job and the country and town. Next week I will be learning more PLC programming and ABB Robots and I am excited about that.



Being this far my loved ones has shown me what I truly have waiting for me in 10 weeks and can’t wait for this trip to be over so I can hug all 4 of them when I get there.

Mr. Cottage

End Of Log.

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