4 reasons why you should continue to trust God when the bottom falls out yet again #rosevinecottagegirls

Trust God Even When The Bottom Falls Out Again

It’s easy to trust God when you are on the mountain top, but what about when the bottom falls out for the hundredth time and you find yourself at the mercy of another storm? What about when you did trust God, but he remained silent and nothing seemed to change?

How do you keep trusting, as your hopes and dreams swirl the drain? When the promises you’ve clung so tight to crumble to dust? When all you have is swirling smoke and ash? Why should you keep continue to trust God?

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4 reasons why you should continue to trust God when the bottom falls out yet again #rosevinecottagegirls

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Trust God In All Circumstances

The Bible is filled with the stories of men and women, their triumphs, and sorrows. Of miraculous victories and great losses. We can all find some story to relate to, and we can’t help but wonder why God would allow this pain. But it isn’t until you step back and look at the whole picture that you find the reason.

Each step, each event, each stumble and shortcoming, every victory is part of something so much bigger. There had to be a famine so that Naomi’s family would leave their homeland. Her husband and sons had to die so that Ruth would return with her. Generation after generation, story after story they fall into place to pave the way for the birth of Christ.

Sometimes the storms we face, the battles we wage, the heartache and pain we experience have nothing to do with us. Perhaps the storm we are fighting that we just can’t understand why God would allow is the paving stone that God is going to use in someone else’s life?


Trust God When We Feel Alone

Even when it feels as if God is silent and far away, He’s not. The Bible promises that He will never leave us or forsake us and that we can never be lost to Him- not even in the midst of the storm. You will not walk alone. No matter how dark the night. Or how fierce the storm. YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE.

He is with you, and He is God of the storm. You don’t have to understand the why, I know that goes against everything you are feeling but I promise you, you don’t. The truth is the “why” isn’t always revealed quickly. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes it requires generations.  All you need to do is keep trusting Him, keep clinging to the knowledge that He knows the why. Because He isn’t finished yet. This story doesn’t end with this place of pain, when we continue to trust God, and leave the pieces in His hands it allows Him to redeem the broken places and finish weaving His story of grace.

Why Should We Trust God When It Feels Like He Is Silent?

Why should we continue to trust God? Here are 4 reasons why we need to trust God in all circumstances:

  1. He is God over the storm, even when we don’t understand when we feel all alone. He sees and has a plan.
  2. You are His child and even though it feels all wrong He has plans to prosper you. Jeremiah 29:11
  3. He is our lifeline, we can’t get through the storm on our own. He is your shelter, your shield and the one who goes before you.
  4. God doesn’t make mistakes, He is not surprised by the situation you find yourself in, and He’s already placed the provision you’ll need in place.

Trusting God In The Storm

In the midst of the storm is where everything we’ve learned, all the lessons He’s taught us along the way are put into action. It is here in the storm where our trust is made strong. It takes the heat of the fire, the strength of the storm to clear away the cliches, and illusions, the false hope and broken ways of thinking. It gives us the foundation stones to build on when the bottom falls out once more and we are left reeling.

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