Trusting God In The Storm - 7 Powerful Ways To Keep Trusting God

7 Powerful Ways To Keep Trusting God In Difficult Times

Trusting can be hard at the best of times, but trusting God in difficult times is considerably harder. Even when you’ve been a Christian for a long time, adversity makes the voice of doubt shout all the louder in your ears. The what if’s begin to rise until you find yourself drowning in the pain and confusion. Where is God in difficult times? Did He change? Did He walk away? Was I too difficult, too much of a mess?

The longer we bury these questions, the longer we allow them to fester and drive a wedge between us and God. Leaving us all the more open to the devil’s attacks, and even more vulnerable. Stop for a moment, turn around and look how far you’ve come. Look back through your history, and find the last storm you went through look for where God saw you through- even in the places you didn’t see when you were going through that storm and remind yourself of the truth that that storm compounded.

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Trusting God In The Storm - 7 Powerful Ways To Keep Trusting God

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Trusting God In Difficult Times

God uses our storms in so many ways, but I think one of the most important is to compound what we know about Him. It’s in the storm that everything we’ve learned, the roots we’ve tried to grow, the foundation we’ve been building are put to the test and compacted.

The truth is as hard, and difficult as it is to walk through a stormy season when life is hard we need them. We need the places to strengthen our faith and stretch us, we need them to show us where our trust and faith in God are solid and steadfast, and where it is merely an illusion.

Is My Faith More Than An Illusion?

As kids, my twin sister Brianna swore she could swim, even though she’d never had a single lesson. And yet she was thoroughly convinced to the point when we were at the lake and she’d immediately head for the deepest part of the swim area. This one time she and our dad were out in a part of the swim area where by herself she couldn’t touch the bottom. She again kept insisting she could swim on her own and didn’t need help- so for a fraction of a second dad let go. Immediately she learned that her swimming skills weren’t what she thought they were.

It’s moments like this when we face trusting God in difficult times that we learn where we’ve just been getting by with our faith and where it is real and solid. When we find ourselves trusting God in difficult times, this is where all of the makeup and illusions get stripped away.

Unless our faith and trust in God are real and solid it will crack and crumble beneath the pressure. The storm in its own way is like the furnace, it will strip away the surface stuff and if that’s all we are hanging onto, trusting God in difficult times will be nearly impossible.

God In The Storm: Trusting God When The Storm Was Preventable

Bad things happen every day, and they can leave us reeling wondering where God was and why He let this happen. But I’ve come to believe, that some of the storms that we walk through that were completely avoidable are to teach us something we’ll need later on. Maybe it’s that even at the darkest, most bleak moment God is still with us. Or at our most broken we are still His treasure and He can restore what has been lost, and make us into something new and beautiful. Perhaps it’s that even when everything around us is changing at breakneck speed and nothing is solid or permanent- He is God in the storm solid and unchanging.

How To Keep Trusting God In Difficult Times

Trusting God is so much more than lip service or two words here are some steps you can take to trust God in difficult times:

  • Don’t depend on you.
  • Surrender to God.
  • Get away from anything that is keeping you from Him.
  • Put God first in your life even in the midst of the storm.
  • Dive deep into God’s word, meditate on His promises, and truth.
  • Listen to the holy spirit’s guidance.
  • Rest in the knowledge that the God of the universe not only cares about you but loves you immeasurably and is never caught off guard.

Why Trusting God In Difficult Times Is So Important

Why is it so especially important to trust God in difficult times? Because He is the one who will see us through:

  1. He is God over the storm, even when we don’t understand when we feel all alone. He sees and has a plan.
  2. You are His child and even though it feels all wrong He has plans to prosper you. Jeremiah 29:11
  3. He is our lifeline, we can’t get through the storm on our own. He is your shelter, your shield and the one who goes before you.
  4. God doesn’t make mistakes, He is not surprised by the situation you find yourself in, and He’s already placed the provision you’ll need in place.

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  1. We so need this message! Thank you so much. I loves this statement, in particular,
    “Rest in the knowledge that the God of the universe not only cares about you but loves you immeasurably and is never caught off guard.“
    We need to labor to believe this truth (let go of lies,fear, and doubt) and rest in it!

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