Trusting God In The Storm

We’ve all been there, everything was golden and then suddenly a storm popped up on our radar. We weren’t expecting it, didn’t see it coming and now we’re here trusting God in the storm and just trying to find the strength to draw in another breath. Trusting God while you are trying to weather the storm can be so overwhelming. Everything in us screams for answers, desperate to find solid ground in the midst of the storm.


Storms are something we all go through, both physically and spiritually. Some of them are just blips that come and go and are quickly forgotten. But others forever change the landscape of your lives. They uproot dreams and scatter our hopes far away. Their harshness leaves us gasping to catch our breath as our world crumbles around us. How do you keep trusting God in the storm? When all seems lost and you don’t know how you can keep going?


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Trusting God In The Storm


Trusting God is something we hear a lot about as Christians, but what about when we find ourselves in a storm and we know He could have kept it away from us? And yet here we are, reeling in the brutality of the storm, trying to gather the broken pieces. To find healing and makes sense of it all.


I remember a moment I was sitting in church after one of the worst days of my life, my heart was beyond crushed. I sat there in the darkened auditorium, feeling like I could barely breathe. I was hurting, I was angry, I wanted answers. I didn’t want to pray. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I was broken. I felt like my whole life was shattered into so many pieces that I could never be put back together. And yet as I sat there, the music washed over my battered soul like the waves of the ocean. Washing away a bit of the anger, soothing a fraction of the pain.




God met me there, at that moment. Like a giant warm hug, slowly I could breathe again. I didn’t understand, but I found peace at that moment that I didn’t need to understand. I just had to keep trusting Him. Despite the pain, despite the heartbreak, despite the dreams that lay dashed across the ground.  I knew He had a plan, and that even in the midst of the storm God was still with me.



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He Is God In The Storm


Despite the storm, HE IS GOD. Despite my pain, confusion, and heartbreak He is still worthy of my trust. He didn’t change, my perspective changed. He is still in control, still, God in the storm still has a plan. Even though I can’t understand, He has already seen this spot and worked out the provision for this season.


Trusting God in the storm may feel counter-intuitive when everything in you wants to know why He allowed you to walk in this place, but it’s at this moment that we need to trust God more than ever.


Trusting God In All Circumstances


It’s far easier to trust God on the mountain top when life is smooth sailing but we aren’t called to just trust God when life is good. We have to trust God in all circumstances. On the good days and the bad. When we feel like we could touch the stars, and when it’s all we can do to drag ourselves out of bed. It’s so important to remember that God doesn’t change, only our perspective. He has never abandoned us, never lost us, never walked away.


Finding God In The Storm


Throughout scripture, we see the promise that God will never leave nor abandon you in any circumstances.  When you are in the midst of the storm He will not leave you here. You will not be lost in this place. He has not left you, you aren’t too broken, or messy or anything else the devil has whispered in your ears to try to get you to give up. Even in the midst of this storm, you are firmly held in His hand and He is worthy of your trust.


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Trusting God In The Midst Of My Storm


Trusting God is important every day of our lives, but it’s in the face of the storm that we must cling all the tighter to that trust. Even when we don’t understand, even when the storm is ragging, even when we are hurting. God doesn’t change in the storm, but through the lens of pain, of unanswered questions, and heartache it can feel like that. We have to remember that our feelings aren’t always right and remind ourselves that even in the storm God is good and in control.


Trust God in the storm. He’s got you even in the darkest moments of your heartache.



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