Visiting The Hermitage

Welcome to the Hermitage, home of the seventh president of the United States Andrew Jackson. This beautiful Greek Revival was built in 1835 on the base of the original house after a chimney fire badly damaged the old one. The home sits on 1,200 acres 10 miles east of downtown Nashville.
This is the tomb of  Andrew and his wife Rachel Jackson.  She passed away just days after his inauguration at the Hermitage so she never made it to be the First Lady of the United States.
Rachel loved her gardens and would always be found there.  So when she passed away he had her buried there in her garden.  He ordered a simple building over where her burial place was until a more permanent place could be built (the photo above that resembles a Greek temple).  He ordered that the gardens be restored as well as they had suffered after her death.


The trees behind us are crepe myrtle trees and they are so pretty in the springtime covered in blossoms.
It is a pretty place and we are enjoying the beautiful flowers in Rachel’s garden.
This is the garden privy (outhouse).
Wedding outfits for Rachel and Andrew on display in the museum at the Hermitage.

A look at one of the Jackson family’s fine carriages.

The Hermitage Church sits under this mighty tree. Andrew and some of the neighboring families donated money and he donated the land to the building of this church.  It was finished in the year 1824. In 1965 the church burned to the brick walls and eventually it was restored.

Headed back to the main house.

Enjoying the beautiful gardens and ancient trees on the property.

This is a Civil War Cemetery on the property that is close to the Tulip Grove mansion.  The mansion was home to Rachel’s nephew.

Memorial Plaque at his grave.

Our beautiful grandma cottage.  Always right there with us on our adventures.

One of the sweet belted cattle at the Hermitage.

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