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What Are We Letting Beat Us?

What are we letting beat us?

Recently I was listening to a sermon, the pastor was talking about living up to God’s standard. That God called us His child and to live beneath that standard was like Eve speaking to something she should have been stepping on…



What are you talking to, that you should be stepping on? What are we stopping and listening to, when we should be crushing it beneath our heel? What have we let into our lives that was never meant to be there?

What Are We Letting Beat Us?


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What is defeating us? What is making us feel worthless? What is chasing us from our gates where we were meant to be to hide like David [Check out last weeks post about David & Absalom]? What has driven you from your purpose?


We’ve all had that moment, something someone said cut you to the core. Leaving you breathless, your heart shattered in a million pieces and you lost in dark. Or maybe it was someone we loved, someone who was supposed to love us hurt us, betrayed us. And for years we have claimed those words -“Used”, “Broken,” “Worthless”, “Not Good Enough” day, after day, after day.

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We claim those scars and those broken places and let them define us instead of stepping on them. We allow others to have power over us by picking up those words, and those broken places every morning- we speak to the thing we should be stepping on.

We claim those words instead of things like “chosen”. We cling to “worthless” and let it define our relationships and our lives when the word we should be claiming is “priceless”. We let broken beat us into submission when it has no power over us in the first place because your heavenly Father has made you a new creation.

Stop talking to what you should be trampling beneath your feet. Stop believing the lies the devil throws at you every morning as you look at yourself in the mirror. Stop letting it poison your life. Stop fighting the battle that has already been won. Stop picking up the words the world has tried to brand you with, that is not you. Claim your victory and trample the serpent beneath your feet.


What are we having beat us A woman standing on the sand looking out at the sea in the setting sun


For too long, we have given the devil the power to throw our day into turmoil, for to long we have given him permission to sit in our homes and our hearts and spread his lies over our life. For too long we have believed his lies, instead of trampling them. We’ve let him drive us from the place we belong. We’ve let him intimidate us and we’ve lowered our standard.

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What are we letting beat us? A woman standing on the beach with hands raised in victory


What are we letting beat us? Stop negotiating!


Stop negotiating with something God gave you the ability to crush. Raise your standard, set a guard on your ears and your mouth -your personal gates- and hold to that standard. Refuse to back down. Refuse to be shaken. Don’t worry about what your friends will think, don’t worry about the world will say, we have a purpose and a calling and we must have high standards. We may not always live up to that standard but we must have them and we must not let them slide down to the world’s standard.

Draw a line in the sand and refuse to pick up those things that have held us in bondage for so long. Trample them beneath your feet and tell it no more. No longer will you control me. No longer will you influence my relationships. No longer will hold me by the throat. No longer will you impact my family. No longer will I live in fear because my daddy won the war and He calls me priceless.

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  1. This blog was on time! If the enemy can find a way to gain a foot hold in our lives (i.e. lies, word curses, deception, etc.) he will stop at nothing until he has completely destroyed us. That's why it's important to stay prayed up, stay covered in the armor of God, and believe what the Father has said about us.

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for this! There have been so many scenarios in my own life that God has spoken to my heart and reminded me that He already took care of all of that. That I needed to plant my feet on the ground, hold my head high and be proud that I am His child.

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