What Is In A Name?

What is in a name?
I mean there are tons of them. Bill, Bob, Sue, Sarah.
How about this name?
It means God With Us

How radical is that? Why did he give us a reminder of who he is and where

He is, in relation to us?
When we look at Jesus, at his amazing name we can see how amazing God’s love for us is.
He reminds us
When we wake up and can’t believe we are where we are.
When it seems that our sins have made it impossible for us to just come to Him.

— RosevineCottageGirls (@RoseCottageGirl) June 7, 2017

When the road behind us seems too long to forget, too long to forgive.
When there feels like there is no way back.
When we have burned more bridges than we can even count.
When we have hurt more people than we can count.
When we look in the mirror and don’t even know how we got so far off track.
When we feel like there is no way to forgiveness and restoration.
Next time I am discouraged Lord, Remind me.
Next time I am fearful, remind me, Lord

Next time I think there is no way back Father, remind me.
Remind me of your name.
God with us.
Help me to remember this Lord, Help me remember and not doubt. Help me to forever see that I don’t need to fear because you are “God with us”. You are “God with me”.

Matthew 18:12 
Psalm 119:176
What do these verses speak to you in light this?

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