What We Pack On A Road Trip

We. Love. To. Travel. Seriously! We love it!! So we put together a list of the things we take on our adventures.

  • Camera – We like to bring our Cannon Rebel and our Fuji waterproof camera
  • Selfie Stick – I know, I know. I used to laugh at these- yes they that use them look like giraffes trying to get reception on their phones. But they are great for taking family photos!
  • Cell Phone – The reasons for bringing a phone are kind of obvious other than for calling people we also like using the camera so we can update Instagram while we are on the road.
  • Note Book – I like to work on blog posts when my face isn’t glued to the car window.
  • Good Book or Audio Book  – You never know when you will get stuck in traffic.
  • Snacks – We try to make them as healthy as possible- this will save us money in the long run and keep us from eating as much junk food.
  • Map and Garmin – When one fails the other saves us… or we end up traveling from one end of the state to the other in one night following 18 wheelers.
  • Spare Outfit – Especially for younger children- or if you happen to be really messy with the ice cream cones…
  • Extra Pair Of Shoes – I can’t tell you how many times I have not brought extra shoes and had the ones I’m wearing break or hurt my feet- unfortunately it is frowned upon to walk around barefoot. Or you step in a puddle or something- ah well you get it. Anyway its always nice to have a second pair ready to change into.
  • Ice Chest With Water – Again this will save you money and time, and you will have cold water at your fingertips. If we are traveling with small children we pack juice as well.
  • Sunscreen – again kind of obvious, just place it somewhere you will be able to find it again. Trust me, it’s slightly embarrassing to have to unpack the entire car to find it.
  • Sunglasses – They are nice to have.
  • Chapstick or lipstick – Well this one is really obvious- just make sure you pass the chapstick to the guy in the car and not the other one.
  • Games – Cards or some other game made for the car. This helps to keep the back seat drivers quiet. We like things like Brain Quest or other games that are made for the car (we have a travel version of Sorry)
  • The first-aid Kit – Do I need to explain this?

Depending on where we are going – Towels, Swimsuits, Extra batteries & Memory Sticks for the camera, Overnight gear, computer.

What do you pack for road trips?

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