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Just like every little girl I dreamed of what my life would look like.  I saw me as a wife and mother.  I saw me with a tall, handsome man with a house that would make all my friends jealous.  I saw me performing my music for thousands of people at different Bible conferences on the weekend.  I would bring my kids on stage with me as we would sing for the Lord.  It is what I yearned for until my junior and senior year of high school.  It is what I KNEW was going, no not just going to happen, but it HAD to happen.  

You can probably already guess the outcome of this story.  You are probably grinning at my post now saying to yourself that if you would have known me then you could have told me that none of that would happen how I wanted it to.  Yes, none of that has happened.  In fact, not one thing that I planned for my life has happened, and if someone had told me that then I would have been devastated.  But at 22 years old now, I would not want those plans to have happened because I would have never learned some of the most valuable lessons ever.  

I am not even close to being a wife and mother.  In fact, I will more than likely see my younger brother get married before I ever do.  I did not go to school for music. I do not perform for thousands of people.  And no I do not have a house that would make my friends jealous.  But what I do have is an understanding that when I feel the loneliest ever, I have a Heavenly Father that has ordained every step and has never left me.  I have a supernatural love for every middle school student that walks through my classroom door.  I have a ministry in public schools that I would have never had performed in my own ability for other believers. They may not call me Mamma, but I will be Miss in the place of that as long as I can to be there for my students who may not have a momma. No, my plans did not work out, and I would be in a different place at 22 if I had done it my way. But THANK THE LORD that Bethanee was not in control of this life.  He knows the plans, and BECAUSE HE LIVES I will not worry about tomorrow. 

Daughter of a Pastor in Knoxville, Tennessee. Soon to be graduate of Wingate University 2016.  Middle School History Teacher with a heart for students living in poverty. She blogs over at From The Heart Of A Preachers Kid 

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