Does God Care? A Lesson From The Woman Who Touched Jesus’s Hem

Does God Care? The woman with the issue of blood has so much she can teach us about if God cares about us and our lives. Her story highlight’s our heavenly father’s great love for us in an extraordinary way that can reach through time and encourage us even today with a resounding yes. Yes God cares, yes He loves us. 

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Does God Care?

Does God really care? It’s a question many of us have asked in our lifetime and one that the devil likes to try to make us doubt. Does God care about me? The Bible is filled with stories of God’s great love for us and how much He does indeed care and continues to care, despite mistakes, shortcomings, and failures. 

Lessons From The Woman With The Issue Of Blood

A good example would be Mark 5:21-34, Jesus is on His way to Jairus’s house to heal his daughter. He was a synagogue leader, he was an important member of society, he came to Jesus begging for Him to come to his house and heal his little girl. Our hearts naturally go out to Him. What decent parent wouldn’t do everything in their power to save their child? We read quickly this story, silently waiting in anticipation for Jesus to hurry to this man’s home and save this little girl. And yet Jesus stops.

You can practically hear His followers echoing through time urging Him on. But Jesus pauses, stopping on the way to such an important appointment. For someone, we might consider a little less important. A nameless woman in a sea faces, urging him on, hurry to this little girl. Hurry so He won’t be too late. Ignore the slight pull on your hem, the little girl needs you. How often do we urge Him to keep going, to meet our priorities instead of seeking out His? 

At this moment she was His priority. He was here for her. He cared about her. He searched out the outcast, the unwanted one with one last shred of hope lost in a sea of clamoring people looking for His attention. His priority at this moment is to show the people a deep revelation of himself but to do that He had to upset their priorities. He needed to answer the question deep in this woman’s heart, does God care.  He needed to meet her right here, at this moment. 

Does God Care About My Health?

So often we find ourselves like this woman, life didn’t go the way we are expecting our health is stolen from us. Leaving us wondering if God cares about our health if He cares about us. This woman had tried everything else, and this was her last resort. And yet, God knew she was there. God cared about her health, cared that because of her health she had been forced to live in seclusion. And chose to step in, and meet her here just where she needed Him. 

Does God Care About My Pain?

The pain of loneliness, the despair of having no answers, of trying and trying, and yet never being healed. It brought her to this moment on a busy street, she wasn’t asking for his full attention, just for a chance. A chance to be free, free of the pain, free of the loneliness, restored. I can’t help but wonder if the question “does God care?” flitted through her brain as her hand stretched out to touch Jesus’s hem.

Does God Care About What I Want?

This woman with the issue of bleeding in the Bible wanted to be healed, she longed to be restored to health. To find healing and leave behind this ravaging cycle. So she sought Jesus out on this day, at this moment. To her, this was a last desperate attempt to find healing. Perhaps this was a spur-of-the-moment decision to her, but this meeting, this spot, this moment in time was set in place from the beginning of time. God knew this woman’s name before she was ever born, knew the pain she would endure, but He also knew what this woman could show us.

Does God Care what I want? God cared about us so much that He passed through time and eternity to meet us right where we are and meet our every need. To be the answer for the broken places in our hearts and lives. This woman didn’t know that this moment was destined since before she was born. Didn’t know of the hope her story could hold for us.

Characteristic’s Of The Woman With The Issue Of Blood

She could be me, she could be you, she could be any of us. We’ve all been in that spot, broken, tired, with nothing left to give and running short on hope- desperate for a miracle. Desperate for Him to breathe new life into us. Desperate to know if God cares. If God can save us. She was desperate for Him, so she wove her way through the crowd pressing in around Him, needing Him, but convinced she wasn’t worthy of His attention. She was broken, she was unclean. There were greater needs, more important people, who was she to borrow His attention for even a moment.


Does God Care? The Woman Who Touched Jesus’s Garment

Like a child eager to be near their parent so they crawl beneath their desk just to be near, she slipped up behind Him and gently touched the very edge of his cloak- and suddenly he turned. Frightened she tried to melt back into the crowd, but He searched her out until she fell at His feet. Trembling, unworthy to have his full attention, not important enough for Him to stop on His way to save the little girl. Feeling the eyes of all those around her, she tells Him her story. I wish I could see the look in His eyes as they fell on her. The love that would be there.

Only He knows where to find us, only He knows where to break through to meet us. He had to stop for this woman with the issue of bleeding in the Bible, for you, and me. Like Peter in the crowd, like Jacob in the wilderness, He had to seek her out. To find her in the midst of her pain. The midst of her sorrow, in the midst of her broken story to write a new ending. To answer the question, does God care? Yes, yes I do care. I have cared about every detail of your life, I care about your dreams, your wants, your health, your pain. I care for you. 

Can you see her? The moment that she dared to lift her eyes to His, terrified of what she might see- and finding only love as He called her daughter.

Does God Care About Me?

You don’t look for something that is worthless, you don’t stop everything to seek it out if it’s not important. The world called her unimportant, He called her so important, that He stopped in the middle of the street to find her. He stopped on the way to something important to search her out, to meet her in the middle of her need. To tell her she was priceless. He stopped for her. To heal. To restore. To save. To wash away the years of sorrow and suffering. He’s stopped for you too.

He stopped everything and went to the cross so that He could step through time and eternity to meet you right where you are. Are you like this nameless woman in the dusty ancient streets of the new testament desperate for Him? Desperate to know the answer like this woman, does God care? But scared to step out of the crowd and get His attention. Longing for Him, but scared of rejection yet again?

Sister, don’t be frightened, He’s here in this moment for you. Draw close and touch the edge of His garment, you already have His full attention. Step into His presence and let Him restore what has been lost.

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