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It is a monster.

It is a beast that devours.

It devours time and joy. It eats up laughter and digests happiness.

What Is Chaos?

Chaos steals away those precious moments that you ponder with a smile years later.

It is the hectic schedule that keeps you from really living.


photo of the sky at night with text Chaos, Stressful Times, Hope in the chaos,

Chaos is the turmoil that keeps you bound up in knots.

It’s the stress that steals your ability to smile, your ability to laugh.

When Chaos Makes You Stop

What is it that makes you pause in the midst of the chaos?

What makes you stop in wonder?

What in this crazy life makes you take a moment in awe?

Is it the stars on a clear crisp night?

Is it the brilliant colors of a sunset that lights up the sky then fades away to inky blackness?

Is it the roar of a waterfall?

Is it the silence of nature?

Is it witnessing the birth of new life?

Is it the brilliance of the sun rising on the horizon, sending its rays into the darkness?

Is it the embrace of a loved one?

Is it the sound of a child’s laughter?

Let’s take this week and seek out these moments of awe.

Chaos, what makes you stop in wonder, what is it in this crazy life that makes you pause in awe

Let’s look with thanks for these precious moments that fill our everyday life with beauty if we were not too busy to look for them.

Ceasing The Chaos To Enjoy Life’s Wonder

Let’s like the child seeking magical firefly filling the summer nights with illumination and wonder seek them out and capture them in a jar.

photo of clouds and text I will give you rest | The answer to Chaos, I will give you rest, God will give you rest, My yoke is Easy and My Burden Is Light


Thank you, Lord.  Thank you for the many ways you try to get our attention. Thank you so much for the sunsets that you paint across the sky each night just for us. Help us to take time to notice and thank you for their beauty. Thank you for our friends and our family and all of your blessings. Help us to see them as the blessings they are and take time for precious moments with them. Help us to see that children grow up, and time passes by. They won’t always ask for us to read them another story, or pray with them. They won’t always ask us to catch a ball or play tea party. Give us wisdom to use the time we have been given the way that we should and to make important the things that are really important.

In Jesus name, Amen

‘Scriptures and additional materials quoted are from the Good News Bible © 1994 published by the Bible Societies/HarperCollins Publishers Ltd UK, Good News Bible© American Bible Society 1966, 1971, 1976, 1992. Used with permission.’

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