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When Mother’s Day Hurts | Part 1



When Mother’s Day Hurts

I have been doing a poll on our blog’s Facebook page about Mother’s Day and what mom’s want most for this day. While some moms of very young children said they wanted sleep, the overwhelming reply was no matter what the big flower, card, and candy companies say- Moms want you. They want to see your face, to hear your voice, to get a hug. They want your time. They want to hear the words I’m coming home. For you to say that you were thinking of them. That they wish you could be together.

When Mother’s Day Hurts You Are The Gift That They Want 

Time and time again it was not expensive gifts and flowers that wilt and die, it was the personal touch that was wanted. It was melting into the arms of their son, daughter, a grandchild that was the most treasured gift. It was love, a time and tender moments.  It was laughter over a good meal and reliving cherished moments that they longed for.

Grandma, what do you want for Mother’s Day?  “Oh honey, all I want is to spend time with you!”


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My grandma just passed away in November and she used to ask me all the time… “Do you ever hear from my children? Do they know where I am? Do you hear from my other grandchildren?  Do they ask about me?”

Time With You Is What I Want

Time- the most precious gift of all can be the one we’ve given out the most selfishly. In the end, after the flowers are long dead and the cards are yellow in the drawer- time well spent, love lavishly given- that is the only thing that lasts. This year give your mother your time, even if you can’t go see her. Call her.  She won’t always be with you.

If your mom is no longer here, find and hug a mom that needs it.  We all need love.


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