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When The Holidays Find You Alone For Christmas

You are alone for Christmas, but It is that time of year again. Carols are playing on the radio and turkeys are on sale at the grocery store. People start talking about going “home for the holidays” and the pressure is on to make that perfect meal, the perfect table setting. Cue the music, dim the lights, insert the laughter.


Kelly Is Alone For Christmas


For some, there is no laughter, no warmth of family. Like for Kelly, Whose family is estranged, her children and grandchildren won’t be coming to have the perfect meal- they won’t even call.

The smell of a TV dinner fills her house as she puts in a DVD of ‘Holiday Inn’ and scoots the cat Mylow out of the chair. Looking out the window she sees the neighbor’s kids playing tag with 1/2 a dozen cousins. For a minute, those faces become her children’s. Oh, what she would do to go back to those days just for a moment. When Ben was here and the kids were close. I wonder what the little ones got for Christmas. Will they even think of me. Do they remember how much I love them? She glances at the phone- knowing it will never ring.


Sarah Finds Herself Feeling Alone For Christmas


For Sarah, she has a husband and children and so much cooking to do but oh – for the empty chairs. Christmas is at her house this year because momma and daddy are gone. She picks out a turkey realizing that she does not even know how to cook one – it was always just there cooked to moist golden perfection on the table ready to carve. She wished she could call her and ask her all her secrets, and to say that she loves her just one more time.


Kat’s Heart Feels Alone For Christmas


Kat is not really alone for Thanksgiving just in a new town with the kids and Danny has deployed again.  It all happened so fast. A new duty station, new orders, and another tearful goodbye. The house is still in boxes, but she found some of the Christmas ones so she could have a proper Christmas for the kids anyway. It has been so long she can’t remember what it feels like to have him there. She tries to be strong and hold it all together- But… If only he were here today smiling at her and not just a picture. Well, there is always next year, right?


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Truman Spends Another Holiday Alone At Christmas


Truman can smell the turkey and gravy from his room at Shady Glenn Nursing Home. He knows it is about time to eat he can hear the food cart out in the hallway beyond the closed door but still, he lingers. Hoping, someone will arrive and take him home. He glances at the clock on the wall wondering what is keeping them surely this year they will remember… after all, it is Christmas. Oh, for the days he and Betty had the farm. The kids all gathering around the fire. That Christmas they got Bobby the bike and he spent all night Christmas eve putting it together. He never did get to sleep that night. He hears a car slushing in the slurry of the latest snowfall and looks to see if it is the kids. Just Joe, one of the employees of Shady Glenn coming to work. He sighs and sits back in his chair to await the arrival of the food cart. He can hear that he is next as the door bang open and muffled conversation comes through the wall next door. There is always next year, right?


When Others Are Alone At Christmas

So many find themselves alone this year. It is beyond what any of us would ever have imagined in our wildest dreams and everyone feels alone. 

Ways To Help Others:

Some great ways to help others that are alone at Christmas

  • Send a card with a written note to others you know will be alone.

  • Make a phone call or video call with those you know will be suffering from loneliness this holiday season.
  • Invite those that don’t have a family or can’t meet with them to your celebration.
  • Visit those that are shut-ins or don’t have a family.  Bring them a small gift or bake them some cookies or other treats.
  • Keep in touch with others that are alone. Remember those that have lost a spouse or parents, are estranged from family, or are new to the neighborhood. Kindness is a balm to a hurting heart. 
  • Send cards to your local nursing homes for the residents to enjoy. 


When You Are Alone At Christmas:

  • Reach out to others.
  • Volunteer in your church or your community.
  • Contact friends that you enjoy spending time with and spend time with or chat regularly.
  • Gather friends and get permission to sing carols at the local nursing home.

Christmas is a time of reflection


No longer alone for Christmas | photo of the manger where Christ was laid |

Christmas Is a time of remembrance and not just of childhood and family gathered about the tree, eating a fine meal and opening gifts.

It isn’t about the laughter and fun of a family together or Christmas Carols sung by candlelight.

Christmas is about a young woman that said yes and surrendered herself to God, that “yes” would change the world.

It is about a child, a King who made himself lowly a babe born in a manger. The Son of God who came to earth to live, to show us the way. A way of restoration, of peace with God, of hope of a place where there is no more death, no more hatred, no violence, no more tears, and no fear. A life that showed the way back to Him and in that we will never be alone. 

He loved us so much that he gave up his life for us all.  Are you ready to say “yes” and surrender yourself to the one who gave all for us and change your life forever? 

For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (a]unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life. Amplified.

Would you like to hear more about it?

The Christmas Story

If You Are Alone For Christmas And Need Some Help

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    Used by permission.

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