Who Is Like God?

I would like you to meet our new cousin Micah (Who is like God).  
He is so beautiful (a baby boy can be beautiful, right?) and we are so far away.
Isn’t he so sweet?  I just want to pick him up and never put him down.  I have all kinds of crazy emotions inside.  I am missing our foster brothers so much and it fractures my heart in a million little pieces and yet the love I have for Micah is like light shining in all those cracks in my heart.  It is beauty and pain all in one. 
I am so sad Grandma Cottage missed him. She would have loved him so much.  She would have wanted to hold him all day long like she did with the boys. She would have sung to him and talked to him and snuck over and picked him up when he was sleeping because she would not have wanted him to be all alone. She would have whispered sweet stories to him and sang ‘AROOMP! Went the Little Green Frog’ and ‘The Teddy Bear Picnic’ to him.  She would have snuggled him up and read Jonathon Toomey to him and read him the bible and told him of the great Lord Jesus she serves. 
So, I brush the tears from my cheeks and welcome this little sweet thing to the family.
May God be with you always Micah.  May you grow in wisdom and favor.  May you find your savior very early in life and may you live up to your name.  May you be a strong and Godly man, with a tender heart for the savior and his sheep.
God bless you little one.
We love you.

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