Wild At Heart

Yesterday was just one of those days I have taken to calling “Wild at Heart”. The morning started out with me slashing through the mud (It had rained all night and had finally reached a lull around 7)  to the chicken coops. One of my young bantams had not taken so well to all the rain and mud and for the most part looked half drowned. I get it to the house and hand it over to mom so that I can check the other pens.

When I finally get back inside nice and wet, OK and muddy. My mom has already begun to dry the bird off. and it has begun to look a lot better. Then guess who wants to go outside. Yep, the dog. When I get her out there she will not leave the sidewalk and go into the wet grass. So while we’re struggling to get the dog out into the grass (gee… a border collie is stronger than I thought) my mom notices something on the sticky trap we had forgotten to throw away (yeah that was me that forgot).

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It turned out to be a very stuck little bird. So I hand the leash to my mom put on my “Vet” hat and rush it right along to the clinic err kitchen. Where I begin attempting to unstick its feathers and my fingers. After getting my fingers and hands stuck to many times to count I decide to get the flour.  You can imagine the mess. After some maneuvering, I managed to remove it from the trap.



About this time, my bantam (Angel) decided it was time to explore the living room just as the little bird flies out of my hand. So I’m running around trying to catch them before our poor dog gets back inside (who is scared to death of birds). I finally manage to catch bird and chicken and somewhat get them back under control. Ok, not so much!

So, yes my house sometimes feels like a zoo with wet dogs, half drowned chickens, and stuck little birds but I wouldn’t change it for the world. They never cease to teach me something. Last night, I picked up on the lesson. How much different are we? We, who are half drowned in our troubles, stuck in the pain and the darkness When God comes and finds us picks us up dries us off.


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