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We had the amazing opportunity to read the Women of Justice series by the author Lynette Eason and we are so excited to tell you about what we thought.

Book 1: Too Close to Home
Meet Samantha Cash, a computer genius with the FBI and Connor Wolf a homicide detective as they try to solve a string of unsolved murders, before time runs out and they have another body on their hands.

Book 2: Don’t Look Back Meet Jamie Cash, a forensic anthropologist. The survivor of a brutal kidnapping. After years of therapy and prayer she has been able to make a life- that isn’t hunted quite as much by her past… But then signs begin to appear that the man of her nightmares is back. Can she escape him yet again?

Book 3: A Killer Among Us Meet Kit Kenyon, a hostage negotiator and a good one along with her partner Noah Lambert a detective. They hardly have time to get to know each other before they are thrown on the case of a murder, but as they follow the leads more bodies appear. And worse yet there murder seems to be out to get one of them.

Woman of Justice by Lynette Eason is an amazing read. This is one of my favorite Christian mystery / crime series yet! Seriously I finished them in three days- err. 24 hours each. And yes… I was extremely tired after it but it was so worth it!!!!!! If you like crime or mystery books this is definitely a series you should check out. But read them in order!!!!! Trust me!


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